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Positive Living is a lifestyle series that explores the science of success, and seeks to uncover ground-breaking, non-mainstream ways in which everyday people can accomplish their goals, break through barriers, and live their most amazing life.

By becoming a member, you will be the first to receive important Positive Living announcements and special offers and have access to our “FREE GOODIES” page! You will also be able to have exclusive use of the soon-to-be-launched exciting Positive Living Social Networking site – a place where members can interact, share success stories, add and request friends, and join goal-setting groups.

We welcome you to our community and hope that you will take this step in living a life of purpose, greater fulfillment and happiness.

We want you to live your most amazing life – start by joining today!




Positive Living introduces the launch of our Social Network Community in its TEST phase. This portion of the Positive Living site is a place where you can meet other viewers, interact with other like-minded individuals, share stories and information, and take the next step to living your most amazing life! In the social network, you can also share photos, comment on stories and fan groups, request friends, create and reply to wall posts and private messages. The Positive Living Social Network Community users are those people who love transformation, and empowering content.

This portion of the site also has a live update feed on member activity, so you can always be up to speed on the latest occurrences! Plus, we will be introducing a “FREE GOODIES” section where you can downloadfree samples of DVDs, live seminars, Aida’s exclusive private video blogs, and other FREE merchandise!

As a beta test version, we are opening this section to Positive Living Members who are interested in giving us feedback as we create the world’s largestSocial Networkcommunity for the Personal Development / LOHAS (LOHAS.COM) market! We welcome your feedback on portions you think we can improve, and of course, please notify us with any difficulties you may encounter.

Our full version will launch in November. The Positive Living Social Networking Community is available FREE once you become a member – sign up today and be a part of our fascinating new online community venture at Positive Living!

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