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Why You Should Plant Trees in Your Yard

A lot of new subdivisions are taking out trees to make space for more houses. A lot of people just leave their yard treeless because they think it's too much of a hassle to plant more trees. There are many reasons why you should take the time to plant trees in your yard. Listed below are a few of the reasons that will directly benefit you.

1. Shade. Having a lot of trees in your yard will provide shade which can keep you cool on a hot summer day. The trees will also help your air conditioning bill down by shading your house from direct sunlight.

2. Landscaping. Trees give a yard a natural and inviting look. They also prove a lot easier to take care of than your average flower or bush.

3. Cost. Keeping your yard looking good can cost a lot of money. By planting trees in your yard you will not have to plant anymore plants as the seasons change and they die off. A well planted and taken care of tree can last for as long as you will have your house.

Another great reason to plant trees is because it helps the environment. There are three main subsections for this.
- As more people are born and the world expands there is more urbanization going on. This means more and more forests are being destroyed to make room for cities and to provide building materials for houses. By planting trees in your yard you help replace those trees which were lost.
- Trees also help clean the environment of carbon dioxide which in turn keeps the air healthy to breathe. This also helps prevent global warming by taking harmful chemicals out of the air that will destroy our ozone.
- Birds will also find trees that you plant a nice and cozy home. Because of all the deforestation more and more birds are looking around for homes and by providing them one you help them thrive. As an added benefit it can be nice to sit out on the porch and listen to the birds sing in the evening.

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Article Source: the Free Library.

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