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Affirmations – Creating Happiness and Well Being

Did you know that every thought you think, every attitude you hold contributes to your happiness and well being? Learn how to reprogram your mind for well being, success and happiness by using Positive, focused statements called affirmations.


When we were children, we were taught by adults, teachers and peers to believe certain things about ourselves and about life. These teachings became the foundations of our beliefs and attitudes. Attitudes that were formed in our growing years can be a great source of inspiration and encouragement or personal burden and disharmony. If you grew up with loved ones who used negative statements and criticism, then it is likely that these statements still affect the way you think, the way you perform and the way you use your personal abilities.


Consider the following statements. You're not very smart. You're stupid. Hurry up. You're ugly. No one likes you. You're fat. You're dumb. You're lazy.

We've all heard these comments, but repeated often enough, they can become a belief in our subconscious mind. The above comments would then become I'm not very smart , I'm pretty stupid, I have to hurry, I'm ugly, No one likes me, I'm fat, I'm dumb, I'm lazy . Many people I see have a number of these untruths locked away in their subconscious mind. Comments like these, train us to build up a defensive wall around our body and mind, which can lead to avoidance behaviour, illness and lack of using our creative talent. If we continue to work with such limiting thoughts and attitudes, we will thwart and suppress our natural talent. Often we turn to avoidance behaviour because we fear failure, rejection, or being hurt. It can become safer to procrastinate rather than experience life.

Look at the problem areas in your life, and then look at the corresponding beliefs that you hold.

Belief __________________________________________________________________

Belief __________________________________________________________________

Belief __________________________________________________________________

We have an opportunity here to change the way we view life. As part of making the necessary change, it is crucial that we recognize the beliefs that compound our problems.

For example: A woman came to see me because she was gritting her teeth and this was causing her to have headaches. As a mother and part time secretary, her thoughts went something like this: "I haven't got time", "No body ever helps me", "I have to hurry", "I can't get everything done".

As well as learning Stress Management exercises, she also had to learn to change her beliefs so that she could get the assistance she required. It was hard for her to ask for help because it made her feel like a failure, but as she started to work on her belief system a funny thing happened, the headaches went and she got help with her housework.

Her beliefs became “There is a solution for everything", “Lots of people help me", "It's o.k. to ask for help", “I can get everything done".

Another example: A lady came to see me who was frightened of losing her relationship. Her belief "no one loves me” was learnt very early in her life. Perhaps a faulty perception, but never the less a belief that she carried through to her early thirties. She was in the process of sabotaging this relationship when we worked on her belief system. By changing her beliefs to " I am lovable and worthy of love in my life " she was able to overcome her earlier obstacle. Her relationship is now stable and there are plans for marriage in the foreseeable future.

For example: A year 12 student came to see me complaining of exam nerves, I asked him what he was thinking in regards to the exams. He said “I’m scared, "I get sick in exams", "I don't know my work", etc ". Through his negative statements he had projected fear thoughts forward. You can imagine what would happen during the H.S.C. with thoughts like that! Luckily though, this was early in the year and we had time to feed the subconscious sponge new thoughts “I feel so confident when I sit for the exams; I remember my work with ease, studying each night brings me success in my exams ". I also trained him to visualize the exams in a positive way. He did quite well in the H.S.C., better than anticipated by his teachers.

Negative emotions, limiting beliefs and conflicts can be abandoned, allowing you to make new choices about yourself and your life. It's not necessary for any of us to drag past hurts, limitations and conflicts into the future, once you learn how to change your negative beliefs to positive ones, you will begin to let go of the past and start to live for today and for a future based on happiness and success.

Understanding how positive & negative thoughts affect our behaviour.


Physical Symptoms

I can't get finished
I'm going to fail
I don't know my work
I hate being fat
I hate my .........
I'm too busy
I can pass
I know my work
I enjoy this challenge
I feel motivated
I love to exercise

Fast heartbeat
Relaxed muscles and mind
Relaxed muscles and mind

Avoidance Behaviour
Giving up easily
Low self esteem
No motivation
Anger at others/self

Prepared to try
Bubbly, energized

Be aware that every thought that you think is expressed as an affirmation on the subconscious mind. Knowing this, doesn't it make sense to ensure that your thoughts are positive and encouraging?

When you use affirmations, you are influencing the thoughts that enter your subconscious mind. Fill your subconscious mind with thoughts that support your goals. If you think "It's a great day today", your mind will begin to trigger memories of other great days and so you will enjoy the day more. If you think "I am so organized" your mind will trigger thoughts on how to be more organized and so catapult you towards fulfilling your goal. If you think "I enjoy meeting new people", your mind will bring up the confidence you require to be successful when you meet new people and thus catapult you into fulfilling your prophesy.

Positive Affirmations Examples

It is easy for me to make friends
I enjoy meeting new people.
I am becoming more organized.
There is always a great solution.
It's easy to be friendly.
My work motivates me to achieve my best.
I enjoy this challenge.
I enjoy my job.
I am becoming happier and more confident
I have great ideas which I action.

About the Author: Cheryl Cattarin is a spiritual counsellor with many years experience in natural healing therapies. Teaching people to access their spirituality, inner wisdom and intuition is her life's passion. You can read more about personal and spiritual development at Article Source: EzineArticles.

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