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Following the Path towards Intuition

How many times have you experienced an intense feeling that an event was about to take place and to your astonishment, this hint of intuition transformed into a real life occurrence?

The strong feelings that do not have any logic behind it are often referred to as intuition. This act unfolds in three different ways: clairvoyance (also known as "the third eye"), feeling through hearing, and undergoing a clear sense of something.

Clairvoyance is typically described as seeing beyond your eyes, which occurs when someone knows when something is happening at a different location.

When one senses clearly, they are generally experiencing the well-known feeling of a "hunch" or that feeling that hits the gut. You may become overwhelmed at the moment with this particular feeling and have no way of explaining it. The typical response to someone questioning your feeling is often " because I just know."

Feeling through listening (also dubbed "clairaudience" explains the feeling one has when they are able to "listen" between the lines). Additionally, intuition can take place at moments when a particular sound, no matter what it is - like a tweet of a bird or screeching sound of car tires - creates a rather strong sensation or feeling.

Some say that only a handful of people possess the gift of intuition. If you speak to an astrologer, they will tell you that people born under the signs of Pisces or Scorpio may possess a natural intuition that is sometimes mistaken for E.S.P. However, studies have emerged in many circles suggesting that anyone can develop the sense of intuition.

A question that keeps popping up is why people need to expand upon intuition anyways. Some feel that their emotional and psychological levels are fine as they are. Firstly, intuition plays an important role in breeding good communication. You are able to develop a higher level of sensitivity to those in your presence. You also learn how to avoid hurting the people you love because you have developed the sense that permits you to understand them better. Your creative juices also blossom with intuition. Also, intuition possesses the power to heal, which cannot mend a broken bone, yet can remove negative energy that attacks the soul.

Therefore, how about improving that intuition? In order to take advantage of this gift, consider the following:

1) Hypnosis

Yes, there is nothing wrong with hypnotism. Undergoing hypnosis does not revolve around staring at the back and forth motion of a pendulum. There are plenty of people who perform self-hypnosis. There are also many programs utilizing hypnosis that can feed your intuition.

2) Meditation

When you meditate, you locate the peace inside of yourself. A cluttered mind and heart filled with pain is known to hinder your ability to tap into your intuition. Today, there are many popular ways to meditate that include enrolling in a yoga class, practicing breathing techniques, or studying Zen.

3) Positive Thinking

When you embrace a state of mind that is free of worry and fear, your intuitive ability truly grows. Remaining positive is a good way to build good energy that helps you acknowledge feelings and events that are about to happen.

4) Let Go

Some people are clueless when it comes to letting go. What does that mean? If you are nearing a very important decision, it is key to let go of all the reservations you may have and transport yourself to a quieter location where you can enjoy the feelings of letting heavy baggage go. Some people truly benefit from listening to the voice from within that goes unheard when too much weighs down the mind.

5) Monitor Expectations

Once you are able to let go of the things that affect your capacity to clearly think and feel, don't expect a quick answer. "Hunches" just don't fall out of the sky. Wait a little while and you will find that answers come when you least expect it.

6) First Impressions Count

The majority of the time, first impressions is the handiwork of intuition. An example of this is seen when you have feeling that someone you met for the first time is unorganized. Chances are, this impression will stand strong in following encounters.

7) Remain Happy

Did you know that being intuitive could actually make you happy and vice versa? Contentment brings a strong power and that includes intuition. When you are able to better understand your intuition, happiness must become part of the equation. With that being said, you will find it easier to benefit from intuition.

Intuition is accommodating because at times, it is able to bring you to something that cannot be accomplished in any other circles. A ton of people has been saved solely by intuition. This gift allows you to also make the best decisions for yourself. The sooner you develop intuition, the sooner you can take advantage and reap benefits you can't even fathom.

About the Author: Kevin Sinclair is the publisher and editor of Be Successful News, a site that provides information and articles on how to succeed in your own home or small business.  Article Source.

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