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The Power of Presence to Heal and Nurture You

Women have to categorize all aspects of their lives in order to attempt to get everything accomplished in the fast-paced world we live in. Usually, this means the attention we need and deserve comes last on our list of priorities. The more we rob ourselves of attention and nurturing, the more depleted we become, the less we have to give to those we love.

A simple technique can give you the self-nurture you deserve. It is something you can do in a moment’s notice, alone or in someone else’s company. All it takes is the ability to focus your attention.

The technique is the Power of Presence. It is about you taking the time to be present with you in ways that heighten your awareness of your body and the physical space you occupy. The following are four simple ways to accomplish this. With your imagination, you can come up with many more.

Healing touch

Take the tip of your right middle finger and with it gently trace your left middle finger from tip to wrist. Pay attention to every sensation and you might notice the center of your palm is the most sensitive spot. Do it again and, this time, stop at your palm and trace some figure eights or circles there before continuing to your wrist.

Now switch hands. You may find your right hand is even more sensitive because of the anticipation! Simply being present with the physical pleasure you give yourself in this way, brings your attention out of the stratosphere of your mind and “to do” lists and plants you in your body. It heightens your sensual awareness and, if you let it, serves as a reminder that you are worthy of pleasure.

Walk like a woman

When you walk across a room or down the avenue, do you strut forward briskly or do you sway your hips? Do you walk like a man, a little girl, or a woman? If you do not naturally sway your hips when you walk, try slowing down to practice the movement. It is a luscious feeling to experience taking up space in this world as a woman when your hips sway as you walk. Feel the strength in your feet and legs, feel yourself grounded as a woman, worthy of attention and admiration.

Have you heard of acting “as if” something were true so that you make it true in time? Being present with you when you walk across a room, down a hall, or down the street, feeling the life in your body, enjoying the sway of your hips, you exude confidence. In no time at all, you grow confidence in yourself as a woman. Growing your confidence is a form of self-nurture that benefits you privately and interpersonally.

Healing rain

The next time you find yourself caught in the rain, slow down, look up, and enjoy the cool drops splashing on your face. Turn your hands palms up to catch the water. Appreciate the coolness against your skin and gratitude for the abundance rain represents. If it is ever possible, even once in your life, to get naked in the rain, do it! The sensual pleasure of rain falling all over your body can make you feel like a child again in the best possible way!

Just like stopping to smell the flowers, slowing down to experience the rain brings your attention back to you and, in the pleasure of it, reminds you to love yourself.

Indulge your senses

Be present with all kinds of things that feed the senses. When you eat, feel the texture of the food in your mouth. Taste the flavors and smell the food’s aroma. Being present with your food will aid your digestion, slow down your consumption, and pleasantly restrict calories.

When you dress, appreciate the texture and colors of your clothes. When you handle your favorite color, pause just a moment to let its soothing qualities sink in.

Fill your home with scents you love. A signature scent can give you a sense of yourself that is soothing.

Experiment with various kinds of lighting and the effect they have on you. Do you like the bright light of a sunny day? Does candle light make you feel cozy inside? Does spending time in the light of the full moon make you feel connected to something bigger than yourself?

Creating sensual experiences add texture and richness to who you are as a woman. Bringing your focus, your presence to these opportunities, you remind yourself that you are a worthy, loving woman who deserves to be nurtured and appreciated. When you give yourself that kind of attention, you nurture a vital relationship – the one you have with you!

About the author: Sarah Elizabeth Malinak is a self-love coach and co-author with her husband, Joseph, of “Getting Back to Love: When the Pushing and Pulling Threaten to Tear You Apart,” the definitive book on the romantic relationships of mama’s boys and daddy’s girls. www.IdealRelationshm and FREE e-Newsletter available! Article Source:

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