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How to Overcome Procrastination in 5 Easy Steps

Having difficulty in focusing on the things that need to be done can be a problem. It is something that we all face at times - for one reason or another. The good thing is, there are some things that we can do to help ourselves to get going in a right direction.

Here are five steps that will help you to overcome procrastination:

1. Check your habits.
Before you can benefit from learning how to overcome procrastination, you need to see that something is not

People normally do have the energy and willpower to do the necessary things. Sometimes, however, various elements enter into our lives that can really sap our strength - and our willpower. Here are a few of them:

a. Not enough sleep.
A sure robber of your get up and go. Are you getting enough sleep at night?

b. An improper diet.
Eating balanced meals regularly (and not a lot of junk food, is necessary) is necessary to provide the mind and body with the right nutrients for energy, and for our mental processes.

c. Not enough exercise.
You've heard it before, and here it is again. It's true, proper and regular exercise generates a higher level of physical energy, and a better mental preparedness and sense of well-being.

d. Too much work, and stress.
These both can sap your willpower and energy levels. Check to see if you are trying to do too much, and having too little time for fun and family at the same time.

e. Check with your doctor.
If the above four things are properly maintained, and there still is no energy, lack of willpower, etc., then you should probably pay a quick visit to your doctor for a medical exam.

2. Do An Evaluation.
Before you know how to overcome procrastination, it is pertinent that you ask yourself some basic questions, like: What is important to you?; and, What are you living for? Or, even better yet: What do you want to accomplish in life?

3. Set Your Priorities.
Priorities are the things in our lives that make us want to get out of bed each day. Having none, means, like you said, little or no motivation to confront life and grab it by the horns, to accomplish something worthwhile. Life should have a degree of excitement about it, we need a purpose for living.

Establish some priorities for yourself - and write them down. Make one of them a priority to not let your feelings get in the way of your duties. If we go entirely by emotions alone, most things won't get done.

Say "No" to laziness and lack of daily achievement. Seeing things, even little ones, finished everyday will increase your feeling of self-worth - even if its housework or helping the kids.

4. Accountability.
If you live alone, then certainly it is more difficult to have a constant level of motivation. If this is the case, then find someone, or something that you can look forward to each day. Find a friend, one to whom you will permit yourself to be a little accountable in this area.

5. Review Your Goals Often.
Come back to your list, and update it regularly. Remind yourself of what your own purposes are, and the reasons you are doing them, if need be. Make the necessary corrections.

Again, knowing how to overcome procrastination is one thing, but the doing of it is another.

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