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Your Most Powerful Resource Is Your Thoughts

Your thoughts are your most powerful resource and for most people on a conscious level the least used. You have been given the ability to form your life through the thoughts that you think. And if you look at your life, you will find your life to be a reflection of your thoughts and therefore proving this to be true.

There are many thoughts that we can have. There are thoughts of abundance, of lack, of poverty, of wealth, of health, of sickness, of being fat, of being slender, of being safe, of being unsafe, of being a victim, of being in charge, of being afraid, of being brave, of lack of self worth, of having self worth, of being happy, of being sad, and it goes on.

These thoughts then form into a feeling and that feeling is then expressed in your life as what you experience. Then when you experience it, you find it to be true because after all you had the experience of it and so form a belief around it. You have more thoughts about what you have experienced, strengthen the feeling about it, believe it even more, and therefore experience it even more. So the cycle continues.

A belief is just a thought that you repeatedly think. If you change the thought, you change the feelings and the experience. You break the cycle by changing your thoughts. You set into motion another experience.

We can hold a thought firmly in our minds to attract to us what we desire to have or experience. This is the gift that we have been given. To use our minds to form the thoughts that will form our life as we choose. In doing so, we create in our lives the experiences we choose to have and in our selves the attributes that we wish to possess.

It is by holding the thought so steadfastly and with unwavering certainty that we may create anything that we may choose to have, be, do, or experience. This is the key to using your thoughts in a most powerful way.

To lock your mind on a thought as intensely as a directed laser beam and to repeatedly think that thought. This is the power behind your thoughts. If you keep changing your mind which is really changing your thoughts then you lose and dilute the power of the thought.

But if you passionately hold your focus on a thought, you will feel it become stronger and as it becomes stronger, you are causing that experience to happen in your life.

Thoughts are held on two levels: conscious and subconscious with the unconscious being a sublevel of the conscious. The conscious and unconscious levels are the ones we should pay the most attention to.

The unconscious thoughts are the ones generated many times from outside influences. We take this information into our minds, form a belief around it, and then it becomes part of our thought process. This unconscious thought will then be reflected in our life through experiences or expressed as a conscious belief or thought. If we are not in more awareness of the material that is coming into our minds then we are allowing our thoughts and beliefs to be formed by someone else.

We look at a situation in our life and think it to be true when the only real truth about it is that we allowed ourselves to be influenced by the thoughts of others. Unconscious thoughts are also the thoughts running through your mind that you are unconscious of because you have not taken the time to be aware of what is going through your mind.

Consciousness thoughts are ones that we form, of course, consciously. We decide for ourselves what thought or belief we choose to hold about something. But on an even deeper level, it is listening to all the thoughts that go through your mind.

Have you ever just listened to what your mind is saying? It would probably amaze you and you may even think where did that thought come from? Well, we may or may not know where it came from, but the decision to be made is whether you want to keep it or do you choose to change it into something that enhances your life in a positive way?

As you become more conscious of the thoughts you have, you will then become more aware of the other thoughts and beliefs all around you and therefore choose in a conscious way what you will allow to enter your mind and become your beliefs. It is these conscious thoughts that you focus on that will become that which you see and experience in your life.

Both the conscious and unconscious thoughts are impressed on the subconscious. The subconscious is where the real power comes to create in your life. What is impressed on the subconscious is what is expressed in your life.

The subconscious does not make decisions and is impartial to what is imprinted on it. This is where your responsibility comes in. What do you want your subconscious to receive and act upon.

An analogy is that the subconscious is like the earth and will grow whatever is planted in it. Do you want to plant seeds of corn or do you want to plant seeds of a poisonous plant like poison oak?

Either one will grow in the soil of the subconscious, but the fruit of the plant brought forth will vastly differ. It is up to you to responsibly and consciously plant the seeds for the harvest you wish to enjoy and experience.

Our thoughts are ours to shape and hold. Our mind is the powerful generator of our thoughts. You have been given these wonderful resources to create for your self the life you choose.

You are the pianist. Your mind is the piano. The piano keys are your thoughts. How beautiful and creative will the composition of your life be?

About the Author: Auriella O'Neill teaches and empowers people on how to use the power of the mind to create the life they desired. She is the author of The Divinity of the Mind: Writings for Inspiration and Empowerment. Find out how to be inspired and empowered in your life. Article source:

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