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Letting Go of Emotional Pain

Pain is part of all that we are. We live with it, or else we have to. It is a fact everybody has to face up with. Pain is of varied sorts. There is physical pain, and there is emotional pain to mention too. A physical infliction may be unpleasant, or even excruciating, but it eventually heals.

But what of pain inflicted on a person’s emotions? Emotional pain leaves no visible scars. In time, the intensity of the pain may lessen, but for some people, it may not heal, or at least not for a significant period of time. Wounds inflicted on the intangible essence of a person often leave imprints, and for some it may be for a lifetime.

As much as such instances are disheartening, they are a fact. This is the reality of pain, or emotional pain. The experience can be crippling- it can kill a person little by little. It can blind them to all the other worthwhile aspects of living. It is not so much that emotional pain should be stopped.

In many cases it can be of massive intensity and suppressing it will only aggravate. Part of having to cope with emotional pain is to acknowledge it. If you are hurting, accept that there is most likely a reason for it. You are hurting because of an incident, an experience or a person, and this you have to acknowledge.

Your emotions, even pain, are part of who you are, so do not deny that aspect of you. After some time when your emotions have simmered down and you have gained some perspective, rise a bit above your pain- analyze the situation. You are hurting because of the thoughts you have thought of.

Your thoughts have caused your pain.  If you continually think of the event or person who has caused your hurt, all the more you will be hurting. You are feeding your painful emotions. As your emotions intensify, they again feed your thoughts, and you will be trapped in a vicious cycle in which healing may evade you.

Clear your thoughts and keep an empty head for the moment, and then moment by moment. Stop thinking, and if any thoughts associated with the event or person start creeping in, just say halt. Divert your attention on to something which will make you feel life- breath, or your breathing. Get lost in the moment of breathing. Watch your breath and feel your breath as it enters your nose. What does it feel like as you inhale and as your breath goes down into your chest. Then slowly, slowly breathe out. Feel the release and the liberation of the moment.

Be keen and sense every bit of the sensation and experience. This will occupy your mind and keep it from harboring negative thoughts. When negative and painful emotions begin to pervade, revert to doing this activity- get lost in the moment of breathing. Think of a time when you were in love or felt love. Of an experience wherein you felt fond or affectionate of someone or something. Capture that positive feeling and hold it in your heart, then intensify it. At that moment when you are holding that positive feeling, think of the person or event which has caused you pain. As the memory of the painful experience comes to mind, you may begin to feel toxic emotions. But allow the positive feeling to surpass it. Steer your focus and your senses towards that positive feeling.

Eventually you will no longer associate pain with the event or person. You are training yourself to feel positive emotions instead of negative ones caused by your thoughts. You will be protecting yourself from the harm the thought of the experience can cause, and you will learn to let go.
About the author Dr. Rose Windale is a successful Health & Wellness Coach who has been advising and coaching individuals for many years. Rose now decided to share her knowledge through this site, You can sign up for her free weekly newsletter and learn how to become truly healthy and happy.  Visit the Reloramax Site to deal with stress, anxiety and depression naturally.  Article Source:

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