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Simple Steps Toward Achieving Inner Peace, Supernatural Strength and True Success

Having a good balance in life is good, but we need to set your priorities right too! Sometimes, while trying to balance our lives, we forget to do the important things first =)

Have you been working or relaxing too much in trying to balance your life? Do you have any difficult or unresolved issues? What are your most frequent daily emotions? What are the things that trigger them?

Silence is a single sound... It is to focus on one single thing... If your mind is like a tree full of monkeys, you need to identify them before you can deal with them. One of the ways to deal with the many distractions life has to offer is to meditate.

You can start with 5 to 10 minutes and increase it gradually to a reasonable period like half an hour per session. Once or twice a day, best when you're fresh in the morning, and somewhere in the evening before dinner time if possible.

Here's what you do during meditation. Identify the things that are shouting in your mind. Don't push them away. Acknowledge them & write them down on a piece of paper after each session of meditation.

This process will provide you with insight as to why you couldn't rest well etc. When you succeed identifying the monkeys, spend time reflecting over them, finding out why they are there and allow yourself to be open to unlimited possibilities of dealing with them... which leads to resolving issues in your life. Soon, they actually can't stop you from focusing on anything =)

Besides meditation, you may like to try doing something that's enjoyable & meaningful. It's easier to focus on something you enjoy. E.g. I enjoy cycling and I cycle to unload my monkeys =)

Resolving issues would be easier with your new found wisdom, and a focused mind will usually strengthen the will to take the necessary actions! Thus, may you find this article useful & may it bless your life abundantly!

In addition, here are 3 simple steps I take all the time:

Stop - Take stock of what's happening within & without... Acknowledge instead of Resist...

Think - Reflect, analyze, be open to possibilities, examine your options, decide what's necessary...

Do - Take action & follow through to the very end!

I personally practice these three steps, and I'm certain they will lead you through many situations =)

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