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Success Defined: Your Life of Abundance

Let's begin by helping you develop a personal definition of success. Let's think about how different people define it in their lives.

Many people's definition of success is acquiring great wealth or holding a high-level position in our career. Some define it by building a profitable, home-based business or large network marketing organization. For others success is defined by good health and well-being. Victorious living for some is having strong relationships with friends and family members. And still other's define it by their individual accomplishments, like getting good grades, winning in sports or getting promoted in your job.

Really, success is a state of mind. It is about some form of personal achievement, but it varies greatly from one individual to the next. What you have to determine is what will make your life a success from your own personal perspective. It doesn't matter what I think or what others may think, that's right, it doesn't matter what mom or dad thinks either. It is your life and you have to determine what you want to do with it to make it fulfilling to you.

I know, I are sitting there reading this and your thinking "I am not sure how to define success in my life".

Well, don't worry about it! I am going to lead you through a very simple, but extremely important exercise that will help you define what a truly fulfilling life would be for you...and you alone.

Are you ready to start building a life of achievement and fulfillment? Are you ready to create your own personal life of victory?

Yes! OK, get out a piece of paper and pen or, if you prefer, open up a blank Word document on your computer. At the top of the page write "My Definition of Success is...." Now guess what the next step is?

You guessed it, you have to engage your brain and think about how you would define it. The good news is I am going to walk you through the thought process very slowly and methodically by asking a series of questions that you need to answer on your sheet of paper. This is for your eyes only, so write freely and without judging the words you are writing. Just write what is on your mind as you read the questions.

Here we go! Who do I admire the most today? (Note: This can be someone you know very well, like a relative or a close friend or it could be someone you have only read about or seen on TV, like Donald Trump or Tiger Woods.)

Why do I admire them?

What qualities do they have that you wish you had?

Do they have lots of money?

Are they famous?

Are they a great leader?

Are they a good Christian or spiritual leader?

Do they have a wonderful family life?

Are they the model of health and fitness?

Do they have great moral values and live a life of conviction?

You get the idea, right? You need to really think about the people you admire the most and figure out exactly what qualities they have that you most want to duplicate.

You will want to think in terms of values, family, career, money, health, love, wealth and other similar categories. Once you have a good understanding of those qualities that are important to you or your own personal definition of success, then you need take those and begin to formulate a Personal Mission Statement that states who you will become and what you will represent with your life.

As an example, your Personal Mission Statement might be something like this, "I am a very happy, well-educated entrepreneur makes over $100,000 a year through a very profitable home-based business. I am a great husband and father who provides the things for my family that my parents were not able to do when I was a child. I am a devout Christian who gives to my church and community because of the wealth I have achieved through my business."

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Now it's your turn to write your own personal statement.

Go ahead and write what you are thinking right now about what you want your life to be, but write it like I did above as though you have already achieved it. Write it in the present tense, so you can begin to have your brain accept it. Once you begin to truly believe it, then your brain and your heart will begin to take action to to make it a reality.

"If your mind can CONCEIVE it, and your heart can BELIEVE it, then you can ACHIEVE it!" -Jesse Jackson

By creating your own personal definition of success, you are charting a clearer road map to a fulfilling, rewarding life!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Deborah Schaefer, publisher of, the Personal Development Planning Center, is living her passion by helping people improve their lives through her informative, inspirational and motivational writing and resources. Article Source:

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